SMOK G320W Marshal Full Kit-Silver

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SMOK G320W Marshal Full Kit-Silver

Genuine SMOK G320W Marshal Full Kit (w/ Big Baby Beast Tank)


The SMOK G320 MOD is an extraordinary device is every form and fashion. It is exceptionally powerful, stunningly beautiful, technologically advanced, compact, and very user-friendly. Intended for the staunch and committed vaper who seeks genuinely unprecedented performance, the G320 MOD is a force to be reckoned with. It is unquestionably the most powerful MOD ever to hit the industry, and is sure to raise the bar on future devices.

Internally, the SMOK G320 Marshal MOD is furnished with an exceptionally advanced microchip, which offers a vast range of fantastic features. One of the great capabilities of this groundbreaking device is its variable wattage capacity. Utilizing the side-positioned operation buttons, you can adjust the output power from a minimum of 1W to a maximum of an unprecedented 320W. The immensely broad range of available power ensures that you can use your G320 MOD with any atomizer coil resistance you wish.

The SMOK G320 Box MOD is also a temperature control, sensing, and limiting device. When coupled with an atomizer coil made with nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire, this cutting-edge beauty will allow you to regulate and set the temperature of the coil. This capability offers several great advantages, which help provide for a truly pleasurable vaping experience. First, the capacity to manipulate the coil’s temperature affords you the ability to customize the temperature of the vapor that is produced by the tank. You can decrease the temperature for cooler hits, or increase it for warmer drags. In addition, by regulating the temperature of the atomizer coil, you will be able to virtually eliminate the possibility of dry or burnt hits, thereby altogether bypassing the horrible and all too common experience. Lastly, having the ability to adjust the atomizer coil’s temperature helps deliver markedly tastier flavor from your e-juices that you will be able to notice immediately.

The SMOK G320 Box MOD is equipped with a stylish OLED screen, which clearly and vividly affords an array of important information. Unlike the vast majority of MODs, the G320’s screen is brilliantly positioned at the top of the device, making it exceptionally easy to read and monitor, without the need to turn it sideways. By Activating the screen, you can view the wattage setting, the temperature setting, the voltage, the resistance of the atomizer coil, the amps, the mode the device is in, the length of your puff, and the remaining battery life of each individual battery. This wide spectrum of valuable data digitally available to you makes using and maintaining your SMOK G320 MOD extremely easy and convenient.

The SMOK G320 Marshal MOD is powered by either two or three external 18650 batteries (sold separately). When fitted with two batteries, the device will be capable of delivering a maximum of 220W, but will be lighter in weight. When used with three 18650 batteries, the G320 will supply a mind-blowing 320W of maximum power, but will be a bit heavier due to the weight of the third battery. SMOK made battery removal and replacement extremely easy with the hinged battery door cover. The ability to effortlessly swap batteries is greatly beneficial, as you can carry charged spares with you in case the ones within the G320 die while you are on the go. Moreover, since all rechargeable batteries will ultimately be incapable of holding a charge over time, the capability of replacing solely the battery rather than the device as a whole is substantially less expensive.